80 years of specialising in instruments and equipment for endoscopy and micro and minimally invasive applications.

We at GIMMI® strive for continuous technical advancement in the field of endoscopy by relying on the skills, experience, and creativity of our staff. In 2003 the company received the prestigious "red dot award for outstanding product and design quality”, followed by a nomination in 2004: a well-deserved recognition of our hard work and further motivation for our entire R&D team.

GIMMI®´s major growth and huge success in recent years is based not only on excellent products, but also on our passion for dialogue and detail: every contract, every order, and every customer requirement has absolute priority and is processed as fast as only possible. Our corporate philosophy is enforced by our tight-knit, dedicated team.

Trust and responsibility are necessary virtues - particularly in the field of medicine, and long-term partnerships and customer satisfaction is how we put these concepts into practice. We are very proud of the many outstanding products and projects which were developed together with our customers, demonstrating clearly the success of this approach. Close collaboration with our customers allows us to push us and the boundaries of medical technology even further.

GIMMI®´s Managing Director Thilo Henzler can rely fully on the solid foundation of a family business with flat management structures and a skilled and competent staff – an ideal base for processing customer orders reliably and accurately. Our face-to-face and modern management system is committed to innovative medical technology for one and all.

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